December 15, 2015


 Web Design

With the Internet involving in our everyday lives and users having different kinds of devices to surf the Web, we design Corporate and ECommerce websites to be responsive and user-friendly with either WordPress or HTML5.

 Web & Cloud Hosting

We place websites in the branded major hosting providers that are proven, robust and reliant; coupled with full features and easy administration, such as iPage Web Hosting. For WordPress web designs, we also provide specially optimized WP web hosting called WP Essential for responsiveness and performance.

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 SEO Services

Deploying advance techniques to increase user traffic to websites and increase exposure and also to increase search rankings in specific keywords and descriptions.

 CRM Solutions

CRM software consolidates customer information and documents into a single CRM database so business users can more easily access and manage it. The other main functions of this software include recording various customer interactions (over email, phone calls, social media or other channels, depending on system capabilities), automating various workflow processes such as tasks, calendars and alerts, and giving managers the ability to track performance and productivity based on information logged within the system. We believe that a good CRM solution should do all that and more. We are a NetSuite Solutions Partner and Odoo Developer Partner.

Key benefits of a good CRM are:

  • It streamlines ‘lead-to-cash’ processes.
  • Elevates productivity across the organization with a 360-degree view of your customers.
  • Improves sales performance through forecasting, up-sell and commission management.
  • Manage global sales and services organizations.

 POS Solutions

POS (Point-of-Sale) solutions can help bring management expertise to businesses at an affordable price. Whether you’re a small retailer or own hundreds of locations, we understand your needs. POS solutions must help to keep every part of your business organized to save time. The ability to manage your business while traveling or on-the-go. The need for the solution to be easy and intuitive! We’ve built a unique point-of-sale system to solve your retail challenges AND increase your business revenue. Our software manages all the details of running retail or F&B businesses so you can focus on the big picture.

 Odoo ERP Solutions

Odoo is the quintessential Opensource ERP solution for the masses. The software covers all the standard warehousing, manufacturing, and sales channels. Odoo’s distinction is that the whole system revolves around a series of apps. You can bolt on access to apps for a yearly fee that help you build a website, install ecommerce portals, run a CRM, and on and on. The benefit of this system is you don’t end up running a bloated system when you could be running a slim setup. With its scaled approach to users and features, Odoo provides a solution that can grow along with your business.

Doji Media has been developing business solutions for Accounting, HRM, Payroll on Odoo for local SMEs since our incorporation, under our DOJI ERP white label.

 NetSuite ERP-on-Cloud Solutions

NetSuite is the world’s most deployed cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, with over 26,000 organisations across 100+ countries. It provides proven, comprehensive financial management and ERP that simply integrates with your entire sales and service processes. The NetSuite ERP system takes your enterprise beyond traditional accounting software, streamlining back-office processes and equips you with the visibility you need to make improved management decisions with ease.

Key Benefits of NetSuite

  • Accelerates the order-to cash process by 50% or more
  • Slashes the financial close by 50% with real-time reporting
  • Strengthens procurement with approvals and vendor management
  • Enriches employee management through self-service
  • Drives decision making with personalised dashboards
  • Increases accountability and compliance with strong traceability
  • Reduces IT costs and delivers automated ERP system upgrades
  • Advances productivity with anytime, anywhere access

Come and have a no-obligatory discussion with us about cost-efficient POS, CRM or ERP solutions for your business. For more information, please call us, visit our office or email us at

Doji Media is a NetSuite Partner since March 2015.