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The Importance of Being Earnest
Being responsive to clients and consistently producing results!

We are managed by people who live and breathe the web, we know what works and what doesn't. We care about web standards and good design. We’re not into chasing the competition or trying to be the cheapest or the biggest; we just want to create great stuff that works and have fun while doing it. We love and promote open source solutions and have experience in deploying open source products with customization to individuals thereby reducing the cost of ownership setup. We work with SMBs, SMEs and local enterprises. In fact, you’ll frequently find us putting extra consideration to some of the smaller companies because in most cases it’s on the web that their business lives or dies. In fact, we’re very often as emotionally involved as the business owner themselves. We don’t advertise our services (apart from having a very well optimized website) so the vast majority of our business comes from referrals or existing clients moving on to pastures new. These long standing relationships mean that a lot of our clients are seen as friends – making day-to-day working much easier for all involved. In a gist, we are the "can-do" expert team of IT professionals at reasonable budgets producing professional IT development projects.

  • Corporate & eCommerce, Web / Cloud Hosting

  • Web2 / Web3 Android or IOS

  • Odoo 'ERP' / Mobile Apps / Web DApps / Crypto Tokens / Blockchains with custom development

  • MT4 FX Expert Advisor Development

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