Biometric Time Management


Biometric Time Management

Since the advent of facial and iris recognition system in biometric identification technology, many companies have adapted this technology for human resources management and security purposes.

Facial recognition analyzes the characteristics of a person’s facial structure while Iris recognition uses pattern-recognition unique to every person’s iris. The measurements are retained in a database which will be used as a comparison when the person stands before the camera. Iris recognition has been deemed the most accurate biometric identification among others.


Advance Algorithm feature and capabilities

Facial and Iris Recognition System uses the latest and most advanced algorithms of biometric recognition with thousand-per-second identification speed.  Unlike other biometric systems, TaskHub Facial and Iris Recognition System will be able to perform accurate biometric recognition even if the person is wearing  eyeglasses, colored contacts or even with a slight change of lighting of the environment.

Two level biometric recognition: Facial and Iris

The Facial and Iris Recognition System has two levels of biometric recognition analysis. First, the facial structure will be scanned and compared to the database. Only if the facial recognition failed, a second option of iris recognition is provided. This two-way comparison assures secure and fast identification processing.

Project Costing and HR Management integrated capabilities

The most important feature of Facial and Iris Recognition System is its integration with Project Costing and Human Resources Management modules. The Project Manager will be able to monitor movement and attendance on-site in real time. Subsequently, HR can smoothly process up-to-date payroll information using eTimesheet which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  The manpower cost will also be allocated the the project WIP cost accordingly.

Real time SMS notification

This mobile integrated feature is an advantage for the management, specially for on-site Project Managers. This feature will send an SMS message to the Project Manager informing of a failed attendance on site. Each employee’s assignment details will be encoded in the system including in/out timekeeping, location and description of the assigned project. If one of the workers or staff was not able to go through the face/iris recognition scan on the expected time and place,  a notification via SMS will be sent to the manager on real time. Such feature will be useful for the Project Managers to make a swift decision about possible replacement or reinforcement of manpower on site.

Advantages of Biometric System

Biometric system provides ease and automation on human resources database and other advantages:

  • Eliminates paper cards and all cost associated
  • Less time needed for attendance data verification
  • Centralized payroll processing which reduces personnel involvement in real-time
  • Eliminates fraud punch in/out
  • Easy control overtime
  • Keeps track of historical data for trend and labour costs analysis
  • Monitors multiple locations via various connection types (TCP/IP, modem)
  • Highest level of security with biometric reader