ERP Solutions for SMEs: A Single System to Manage your Business

Aberdeen’s research finds that 96% of Best-in-Class (the top 20% of performers) growing businesses have implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP solution. These solutions are designed to help organisations of all sizes to face their challenges and provide a single business system to support visibility, efficiency, and decision-making. ERP is the key tool in business to make your life easier.

Challenges for growing businesses without a single system:

  • 83 % inaccurate data
  • 89% systems cannot track business processes
  • 83% systems cannot interact with one another
  • 78% redundant data
  • 72% inability to access data when away from the office

Its difficult to grow without being able to communicate standards and understand business performance.

How using a single system helps a growing business?

Growing businesses choose ERP over point solutions or stand-alone accounting solutions for several reasons:

  • 37% Need for collaboration
  • 29% Need a scalable application
  • 24% Have a dated technology infrastructure

A single system providers accurate, easy to find data that enables visibility, collaboration and efficiency. Visible benefits are as follows:

  1. 48% Real-time visibility into the status of all processes (compared to 6% without)
  2. 633% More likely to be able to share data with suppliers, customers, resellers and regulatory body
  3. 77% Able to standardize back office processes (compared to 22% without)
  4. 11% Reduction in operational costs
  5. 4x More likely to be able to forecast and plan for demand

Characteristics of Best-in-Class growing businesses:

  • 2X More likely to be able to tailor and access reports in a self-service capacity
  • 2X More likely to have mobile access to ERP
  • 47% Can tailor ERP to support business change (compared to 19% of all others)
  • 50% Have business analytics integrated into ERP
  • 58% Have automatic notifications (compared to 23% without)
  • 10% Increase to profitability over the past two years

Best-in-Class growing businesses can easily find and use the data they need, no matter where they are, to make agile decisions.


About Doji Media

Doji Media’s core professional service is to help SME businesses to elevate, transform and incorporate into the digital space; thus adopting an E-Commerce / E-Business profile for a global market audience. The company’s core services includes providing customised software development solutions tailored to meet the individual requirements of clients in their respective vertical industries in Singapore. Apart from web design and development, Doji Media is also offers web cloud services, Mobile Apps development and other web-enabled productivity solutions for customised POS (Retail / F&B Point-of-Sales), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Warehousing Inventory Management, Fleet Management and many other ERP business solutions.

Cohesively, Doji Media’s resident professional ‘government grant scheme’ consultants will assist local clients in navigating through the numerous available grants, and claim funding support for automation technology, development projects & training, in line with their web-enablement solutions. They have an in-depth understanding of various productivity & innovation initiatives from numerous related government grant schemes available. Thus, the company can help clients to maximise and enjoy more benefits from these variety of funding schemes, to stay productive, cost effective, and competitive in their respective industry.

Doji Media Pte Ltd has focused on Odoo to provide ERP business solutions to SMEs since its inception. We have a team of experienced consultants with over 5 years’ experience in ERP implementation and execution. Doji Media provides you with a rapid but cost effective and a reliable way to integrate and manage your business processes and data. We have industry and domain expertise, thorough understanding of business processes and years of implementation experience. Our team can provide you robust and easy to deploy Odoo solutions. We also offer customized Odoo solutions and products to suit your businesses especially for Odoo stores / e-Commerce projects.

We follow the best practices and methodology for all our Odoo implementations. If you are looking for a viable Odoo partner / solution to implement any of the business modules, get in touch with us at Contact Us.

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