January 27, 2016

Web & Mobile Development

At Doji Media, we start web and mobile development from analyzing users’ needs and evaluating the business model. Refining a business model is a key stage because it directly influences the success of the product: for that, we analyze the audience’s needs, market trends, and competing solutions.

After we have a clear vision of the product, we will form an optimal tech stack for project execution. Usually, Doji Media’s team keeps things simple and writes reusable code that can be run both on web and mobile versions — this saves a lot of resources in the long-run. Clients are always aware of the potential of chosen tools and ecosystems.

For development and testing, transparency is the key. We make sure that the client is updated on our goals, daily tasks, and progress. Clients have a direct say in everything that’s happening in the project — but they can also minimize their involvement if there are other business priorities.

Contact Doji Media for web & mobile development
If you have an idea for a mobile or web application, contact us. We will take a more in-depth look into your concept, market, and audience, and apply our expertise to develop the most efficient solution — the one that delivers results to you and end-users.


Doji Media Pte Ltd is a trusted web solutions vendor. We have a team of experienced consultants with over 5 years’ experience in ERP implementation, web and mobile apps development and execution. Doji Media provides you with a rapid but cost effective and a reliable way to integrate and manage your business processes and data. We have industry and domain expertise, thorough understanding of business processes and years of NetSuite implementation experience. Our team can provide you robust and easy to deploy web-based app solutions.